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We are proud to be your comprehensive print solutions provider since 1981. Located in Nevada just one block from the Las Vegas Strip, we service convention centers, hotels, and businesses throughout the valley with delivery. We can also ship to your desired location, anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a full range of products backed by our famous brand of exceptional service. PDQ is the full service Las Vegas printing company you have been searching for. When you're looking for printers in Las Vegas, or Nevada and beyond, choose the best -- PDQ Printing!

PDQ Printing delivers in Las Vegas
Charles Lawson of PDQ Printing

Commercial Printing

Are you a business owner or procurement specialist and need business cards, letterhead, backlit signs or photo quality posters? PDQ is the full service Las Vegas printing company you have been searching for.

The print experts at PDQ can help you with all of the printed materials you need to effectively run and market your business. Beyond that, you may consider a more personalized approach with variable data direct mailers or custom apparel like screen printed t-shirts and embroidered beanies. Whatever your need, PDQ is your printer.

Convention Printing

Maybe you're a convention or trade show exhibitor in need of signs, banners, brochures, or dailies. PDQ is the Las Vegas convention printing company you have been searching for! Draw upon our decades of experience to get your convention printing needs handled.

Perhaps you also need custom branded promotional items to highlight your presence at your next convention or trade show. If you need specialty pens, bags, apparel, mugs, or other promotional items to increase your booth traffic at your next convention, PDQ is your printer. And we deliver!

Political Printing

Do you work with a political campaign and need road signs, yard signs, walk cards, or direct mail pieces from a union printer? You can utilize our groundbreaking Voter Information System (VIS) to build your mail list based on detailed voter history reports, create walk lists, or gather demographic information down to a precinct level. PDQ Printing does more political print than any other printing company in Nevada. Whatever your need, PDQ is your printer.

PDQ truly strives to be among the best commercial printers in Nevada (and nationwide, for that matter). Whether you need three pieces or three million pieces, we are eager to serve you.

Whatever your job, large or small, PDQ can print it all!


Everything You Need to Know When Buying Print

Printing Glossary

Print jargon can get confusing. Use this glossary to demystify the language of printers.

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Paper 101

When you're planning the details of your next printed piece, paper selection is one of the first (and most important!) concerns. Here's your crash course in paper.

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Offset Printing vs Digital Printing

You've seen and heard that PDQ is a full-service printing company that offers both offset (lithography) printing and digital printing...So, you wonder, what does this mean?

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Direct Mail 101

Did you realize that hundreds of millions of pieces of mail are delivered every day to more than 141 million homes and businesses in the United States? Here's what you need to know.

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At PDQ, we are expert in printing your signs, banners, and posters for a variety of applications. The first choice you will face is the substrate upon which your image will be printed.

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Metric Conversions

At PDQ, we have been working with convention and trade show exhibitors from overseas for decades. With this experience comes understanding of the issue converting metric to US measurements.

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Screen Printing vs Embroidery

When you're designing your custom printed apparel, you have two distinct options for the application of the artwork: screen printing and embroidery. Each option has distinct benefits and considerations, which are outlined here.

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PDQ's Team is goal oriented and creative in its thinking through complex strategies that assist our clients to positive consumer-oriented results they may have never considered.

We begin with the standards of our premium print shop offerings and progress to avenues and in directions that compliment and enhance; direct and focus to exciting, dynamic, and sometimes surprising results that bring your brands to life.

No printer is as dedicated to providing you the speed and efficiency that you hope for than PDQ. For all of those last minute print jobs that need to be complete on time, let PDQ be your printer of choice. Give us your dilemma or challenge and see for yourself what PDQ can do for you.


Superior customer service, high quality premium print production, and strategic assistance in Sales, Marketing, and Branding is what it's all about for the entire team at PDQ Printing - and it's why our loyal clients return again and again, year after year!

Yes, it really is that simple and it's the reason why we're #1 today!

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Todd Morgan

Chief Operating Officer

Todd is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a BSBA in Financial Services. We successfully recruited Todd after performing for Citibank, Northwestern Mutual, and Land Title of Nevada. Todd is our dedicated, hands-on asset with responsibility for our entire day-to-day operations.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Charles Duncan

Executive Vice President

Charles has worked with political campaigns for both parties, and has served as a campaign manager for a Republican campaign for state office. In 2008, he served as the Operations Director for a Democratic Presidential campaign in a battle ground state.

His work outside of politics includes outside sales, retail and business to business sales management, and nonprofit management. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science from Furman University.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Jared Baker

VP of Integrated Marketing

Jared is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Business. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Economics. He is proud to bring his passion for marketing and web development to the incredible team at PDQ Printing.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Darlene Bushendorf

Director of Graphics and Design

Darlene holds a baccalaureate in Graphic Design and brings over 25 years of design experience to PDQ's industry leading Client Care efforts. She had also been our Prepress Manager for over 10 years and is an invaluable asset to PDQ's Client Care Team.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Amie Reece

Director of Retail Sales

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Jeff Blenner

Director of Print Production

Jeff Blenner is the Production manager and Purchasing Agent for PDQ Printing. Jeff ran his first press at age 16. He has been with PDQ since 1998 and has been employed in the printing industry since 1985.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Denise Sanseverino

Director of Accounting & Human Resources

Denise holds an accounting degree from Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY. She has over 25 years of experience in business, accounting and HR. Her background is comprised working in many areas including media, hotels and manufacturing.

The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Kristi Swasey

Senior Account Executive

Kristi is a 30 year veteran of the printing industry with experience in all facets of the business; she has tallied many multi-million dollar sales years because her clients know they can depend on her expertise and project follow through.

A million dollars in print sales
The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Anthony Patti

Senior Account Executive

Anthony has over a decade of printing and print consulting experience. With an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, Anthony will help you match your needs with just the right products for you or your company.

A million dollars in print sales
The team at PDQ Printing of Las Vegas

Melissa Montgomery

Retail Sales Specialist

  • I have had work done from several printers in the last several years and none has produced the quality and care I received from PDQ Printing.

    - Michelle P.

    PDQ Printing Google Review

  • Extremely fast, extremely friendly, and going the extra mile. This place is possibly the best printing company in the US.

    - Peter V.

    PDQ Printing Google Review

  • The best part is that they are good people that I enjoy working with. Keep up the great work.

    - Brian E.

    PDQ Printing Google Review

  • PDQ Printing is simply the best print shop in Las Vegas! They always deliver high quality results and great pricing.

    - Rebecca M.

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